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match by Marcus Brown

$200.00 / On Sale

This is an original oil pastel sound work of art. 12” x18” with UV black light reactive created using Brown’s invention MB Sketch(Musical Sketchbook). Paintwithmusic.com
“Brown's work is hard to describe. Using projections from paint brushes rigged with tiny camera lenses, drawing pads that act like electronic drum heads, and other ingenious inventions, Brown blends aggressive action-painting with abstract music like a bebop Jackson Pollock." - Doug MacCash
NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune
Marcus Brown literally paints or draws with his self-created sound producing art-instruments while singing hip-hop / rock vocals on top of a dark electronic-hop backdrop. For over a decade Brown has been making sound producing painting instruments and using them to create works of visual and musical art in a process he developed called Electro-Sonic Painting.​
PAINT WITH MUSIC is a band / performance group that Brown formed to bring his musical painting work to a live audiences and to collaborate with other musicians in the process of making a work of art.

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